10 Tips for an alkaline life

Many of us do a lot of hard work to stay fit and healthy. In order to do so, we gym, run, eat healthy, sleep healthy, make time table for ourselves, decide our routines and a lot more. For some, it’s still an unachieved target even after investing a good amount of money & time. Going to the gym doesn’t guarantee a non-acidic life.  So you may be doing the best to keep yourself healthy but if you are still having health issues then probably you are doing the good thing in a wrong way.

While investing so much of time, efforts and money behind new schemes to get fit and healthy, we sometimes forget the basic things through which the body can be fit, and that is having an Alkaline Lifestyle. Alkaline lifestyle simply means to eat and drink healthy and we have prepared the 10 easy ways for you to ensure an alkaline life.

  1. Maximum consumption of alkaline food

Consume more alkaline food as they are very low in sugar and high in mineral and water. These will help you in avoiding problems like cramps, spasm, muscle pains, back pains, Anxiety, panic disorder and a lot more. Also, it is very essential to process all nutrients on a cellular level.

  1. Start exercising

Indulge yourself with basic exercises like stretching, running and cycling. This will keep your body and mind active and also will make your immune stronger.

  1. Avoid or eliminate junk food

Try to reduce and eventually eliminate food items that are packaged, prepared and processed. Major cause of health problems and high acidic levels comes from packaged processed food.

  1. Cut down on alcohol consumption

Alcohol is high sugar content and highly acidic. It’s always good to cut it down to save health and of course money.

  1. Avoid/quit tobacco usage

Smoking adversely affect your health. It’s very beneficial to quit it.

  1. Breathe Properly

By doing a simple breathing exercise every day, it can help you to overcome acidic problems. It’s not hard, relax and follow this steps,

  • Breath in
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Breath out
  • Repeat 10 times
  1. Have a good and proper sleep

Body needs it’s time to function smoothly. Follow this sleeping mantra,

  • Sleep for 8 hours
  • Avoid sleeping right after having meal
  • Try sleeping on to the left sided position
  • Avoid staying awake late night
  1. Get used to drink alkaline water.

Get used to drink alkaline water with some of your most common daily routine like,

  • After every session of bathroom
  • Before Meal
  • An hour after Meal
  • Before sleep
  • When you wake up
  1. Get water bottle with time marker and measurements

Switch your habit of drinking water in normal bottle and instead, get a bottle with measurement and time marker. This will assist you to drink water proportionately and time to time

  1. Set goals and work toward achieving them

Setting a goal is always beneficial towards health. Keep a target, set your days, weeks or months to achieve it. Adopting Long term goals commitment is very beneficial for better health and wellness.

What is Alkalen Water and how is it different from Mineral Water?

The opposite of acidity, is alkalinity. Anything that you consume, which measures lower than a 7 on the pH scale is considered acidic or very acidic. Contrarily, consumables with pH levels of 7 or above are considered alkaline or very alkaline. While regular, clean drinking water barely maintains a neutral pH level of 7 or lower, Mineral Water does indeed measure higher than it and is thus technically alkaline. So why then is alkaline water different from mineral water?

Technicalities aside, in order for water to be classified as alkaline, it needs to rank significantly higher on the pH scale. This, since every change in the pH number drastically affects the alkalinity of the water. For example, water with a pH level of 9 is a thousand times less acidic than water with a pH level of 7.

Thus, while mineral water may indeed be alkaline in nature, water that ranks up to 8 or 9 or above on the pH scale is considered very – and thus reliably – alkaline. However, in order for water to acquire such high levels of alkalinity, it needs to be specially enhanced. Thus, while water that is genuinely alkaline already contains naturally imbibed minerals such calcium and potassium, it’s alkalinity is drastically enhanced with the usage of electrolytes.

The primary benefit of water that is alkaline is that it helps you absorb the harmful acidic intake and content of your body. Therefore alkaline water has all the benefits of mineral water and more. In particular it has a higher antioxidant potential and greater chances of helping the body to reduce blood pressure, control blood-sugar levels, weight-reduction, and with better bone health.

Drinking normal water doesn’t quite cut it in this day and age. This, considering the stressful times we live in, the exponentially higher ratio of unhealthy, fatty foods commonly available, and to add to this our sedentary lifestyles. Better hydration is the need of the hour, and while mineral water is definitely a step up on the pH scale, trying problems call for stronger solutions.

While it is easy for fitness freaks and regular gymers to digest the idea of incorporating bodybuilding supplements in their ideas. And so it’s about time, we all embrace the need to supplement our regular water, with enhanced water, to make our body’s sufficiently capable to cope with the times.

So what are you waiting for? Enhance the water in you! Stay Healthy. Be Alkaline.

The Art of Drinking Water

The Art of Drinking Water

Water.  We all know that a majority of the earth is made up of water, just as we know that a majority of ourselves is made up of water. It is one of the major sustainers of life as we know it. And it’s also one of the most wasted resources on earth.

The inference: useful things are only as useful as we use them.

In context to this article, drink lots of water and it’s sure to benefit you. However, if you drink water incorrectly, it’s sure to harm you as well. So here’s a few pointers, to remind you that everything works best in moderation and in process, and water is no exception to that rule:

Rule 1. Drink much water, but only as much as your body can take

Don’t set water drinking targets, just make drinking water your target. Each individual’s capacity for water intake and hydration varies according to biological conditions, geographic circumstances, body weight and other factors. Contrary to popular belief, drinking water past feeling bloated or stuffed, can actually be harmful for your body.

“Overhydration is a condition that causes water intoxication, wherein the amount of salt and other electrolytes in your body become too dilated. Hyponatremia is a condition in which sodium (salt) levels become dangerously low.”

Point is – listen to your body. It’s not going to remind you to drink water as often as it should, that’s your job. However, when you’re attempting to complete a bottle in one go, and your body doesn’t feel comfortable… Don’t treat it like another “just one more!” gym exercise.

Rule 2. Sit, don’t stand whilst drinking water

Apparently, Google says that articles on the subject say, that medical research suggests: “drinking water whilst standing or walking can cause Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) damage, kidney damage, arthritis, nerve tension and other disorders”. Apparently our kidneys’ filtration works better when we’re seated. And when you hastily chug water down while standing, it heavily flows down you body and harmfully splashes against the lower stomach wall. In order for water to really work its magic in your body, you’re supposed to allow to settle in the liver, therefrom it can deliver required nutrients to your body.

What’s important to note is, it doesn’t really take much time or effort to sit and drink water… so there’s more benefit to doing so, whether you argue this idea being a medical fact or no. Additionally, forcing yourself to sit and drink water, may automatically make you more conscience as to how you drink your water, and how much water you drink, which bring us to our next rule…

Rule 3. Don’t eat while drinking … or was that the other way around?

Firstly, why anyone would drink water along with food that they’re enjoying is a mystery. This, since it’s a natural knee-jerk reaction for most to gulp water, to instantly wash away something distasteful. Drinking water while you’re eating, doesn’t just wash down the flavours of the food you could take, it also dilutes useful digestive juices. This is logically followed by dampening digestion, since it is in effect drowning the body’s ability to breakdown your food effectively. In this regards, taking a few sips of water while eating, isn’t nearly as harmful as drinking a glass or two of water between meals. In lieu of this, it is strongly advised that you drink water 30 minutes before after meals.

Foods that are particularly salty are known to aggravate thirst, thus making you more likely to reach for that glass in between bites. A more obvious detriment, is eating your food fast or eating huge quantities in one go, which will automatically make you gulp down food that’s hardly ready to be digested. This will naturally precipitate the need to gulp it down to your digestive tract with the some water. And that’s where the “chew-your-food-until-you-can” rule comes in, a rule that can also apply to drinking water, when cautioning against gulping down lots of water in one shot…

Rule 4. Drink water in pauses and don’t breathe into your bottle

Apart from being detrimental to the liver and stomach as illustrated in the previous mentioned rules, drinking water in huge gulps can cause choking of the esophagus. And that’s why it’s always advisable and easier on your digestion, to drink water in two or three breaths.

Also, while taking more than one swig from a water bottle, it is preferable to keep the bottle away from your mouth in between each swig. This is to prevent yourself from breathing into the water container. Exhaling CO2 into drinking water, may cause a reaction that forms carbonic acid, which can cause a change in your pH levels, and in extremes cases cause “Acidosis”.

Rule 5. Drink water with high pH levels

One of the primary reasons behind the popular notion of drinking lots of water, is the need to purge the body of acidic elements, and increase alkalinity. As explained in our previous blogs  it is important to maintain for our body’s pH levels to be high in alkalinity, and low on acidity. The usual water that we drink, has neutral alkaline pH levels of 7. Badly purified or unfiltered water sources will have considerably low pH levels, as will aerated or unhealthy beverages. Thus, including drinking water that has its alkalinity enhanced, reduces the amount of water intake you may require to increase your alkalinity, while keeping you super hydrated. This will permit you to effortlessly follow the above mentioned rules and effectively practise the art of drinking water.

source: https://www.healthline.com/health/overhydration


Is water the best thing for you to be drinking?

While you may have commonly heard that drinking lots of water is incredibly beneficial for your health, no less than 8 glasses of water a day – as per popular count… what if even that wasn’t enough? Apart from the fact that our entire body depends on water, about 60 percent of our body weight being made up of it, water’s ph levels on the scale of acidity and alkalinity stands at a neutral 7.  This isn’t a problem per say, but it could be a solution.

Read more about the significance of pH levels, alkalinity and acidity in our previous blog.

To summarize, if 7.0 indicates the point of neutrality on the pH scale, falling any level below that can be acidic and harmful, while rising any level above that increases your alkalinity to your benefit. The markets are rife with countless water brands and beverages, which measure pH levels that start from as low as 6 and got to as high 7, threatening to aid in severe acidic buildup.

How can enhancing your water enhance your lifestyle?

Most modern foods that we eat, especially processed foods, significantly contribute to your body’s acidic buildup. As imagination would indicate from the sound of it, high acidic levels lead to the generation of harmful toxins in our body. This in turn causes skin issues such as acne and ageing if beauty is your concern. But even more dangerously increased acidity, decreases overall energy levels, increases mental stress, causes digestive problems and more debilitations, which eventually eats away at your physical capacity for fitness. The obvious way to combat this is to increase your body’s alkaline levels. And there’s an obvious solution (literally) asto how to go about doing so.

The logic is simple: If a significant percentage of our body is made up of water (about 60%), then ensuring that our water intake only involved alkaline water i.e. water with pH levels of 8 and more, then shouldn’t having a majority of 60 percent alkaline water in your body, significantly balance, if not eliminate your acidic build-up? However, as stated at the start of the article, regular water or mineral water’s pH levels never rise far beyond a neutral maximum of 7. And that’s where the need to enhance water arises.

The benefits of Alkaline water

Alkaline water is enhanced with electrolytes and essential minerals, which enables it to raise water’s pH levels up to a whopping 9. This water that is significantly more alkaline, immediately boosts your hydration with every glass you drink, being more easily absorbed at a cellular level, thus absent the usual “bloated” feeling you get when having regular water.

Hydrating your cells so efficiently, in turn contributes to the elasticity and rejuvenation of skin tissue, thus alreadysetting your body in motion against acne, wrinkles or other skin diseases. Most importantly, alkaline water significantly helps you digest your food better, allowing you to get more out of your nutritional intake. This, while helping clean your digestive tract and effectively breakdown the build-up of fecal debris, thereby making for the perfect daily detox.

Additionally, when your body lacks minerals it tries to fulfill that mineral requirement from your bones, which in turn causes Osteoporosis. Alkaline water that’s further enhanced with essential minerals, makes up for this deficiency, thereby helping to keep your joints and muscles well lubricated, making physical exercise exponentially easier. So, if you work regularly on your fitness, there can be no better companion to compliment, enhance and ease your daily workouts, other than alkaline water. It even helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness, while helping prevent frequent sprains and diseases like arthritis.

And as for those trying to get into fitness, since like forever, Alkaline water promises to keep you from feeling fatigued or lazy the next time you try getting out of bed on time. This is owed to the breakdown of fatty acids in your foods, which compliments the enhanced digestion that alkaline water promises, thereby becoming a natural apatite-suppressant and reducing your calorie intake.

Choose quality over quantity of water

For every increasing level on the pH scale towards alkalinity signifies an exponential jump away from being acidic. Foods and beverages with pH levels of 4 are a thousand times more acidic than those with pH levels of 5 and so forth.

While water is the body’s principal chemical component, the way every individual’s body naturally reacts to water varies as per many factors such as health, amount of daily activity, geographic conditions etc.  And therefor there’s no way to empirically assert how much water one should or shouldn’t drink each day. However, the pH scale indicates in all certainty that water that is high in alkalinity, significantly improves the quality of life.

And here’s the thing, while it’s not easy to adapt a healthy change in your daily food-habits or preferences all of a sudden, it’s not difficult at all to do the same with water. Alkaline water tastes just like water, feels even better, and drastically improves your body and thereby your lifestyle, without you having to significantly change routines. All you have to do is keep drinking water… alkaline water – that is.

What is pH and why is it important for your health?

pH stands for the potential of hydrogen. Everything that we consume today right from your favourite beverage to the food you have, every consumable item has a pH which helps us define the acidity or alkalinity of its content.

However what is important for us to understand is where we stand on the pH scale on a day to day basis to ensure a healthy life. The pH scale measures from 0 to 14 where the lower the pH, the higher the acidity, and the higher the pH, the more alkaline it becomes.

Usually regular tap water that you drink, stands at roughly between 6 & 7, depending on the source of water.

Just to give you an idea of what pH scale is, we also conducted a quick test measuring the pH scale of various drinks available to us. You can watch the video below

Why it is important?

In our fast moving life, we are used to consuming loads of foods and beverages which mostly tend to be on the acidic side of the pH scale (i.e. below 7). These are your regular coffee, cheese products, red meat and sugar as well. Now our body, naturally has the tendency to balance it out with the alkaline food we consume as well (green vegetables, alkaline water etc), however it’s important for us to keep a regular check of it.

The kidneys usually maintain the electrolyte levels in our body consisting of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Usually when the body is exposed to acidic substances, the electrolytes are used to combat the acidity. When acid intake reaches higher levels our body’s natural phenomena ends up robbing minerals from our bones, cells and various organs. Now though this may help in balancing the acid levels in our body, it also leads to weaker bones and low immunity levels. Toxins accumulate in the body and our body becomes more prone to viruses rendering us weaker by the day.

Most of the times we are completely unaware of this as there is no visible change in our body, but you can clearly identify the symptoms in high fatigue, less concentration, heart problems, less strength and stamina and perpetual tiredness.

Water plays an important role in helping us combat such situations. However due to lack of knowledge on pH, most people would drink the regular water or mineral water available to them. This does little benefit to the body as it is in need of high levels of alkaline.

Fruits and various vegetables contain potassium in high leverls which safeguard acidity. Processed food contains sodium chloride-sale which constricts blood vessels and accelerates acidity in our body. Similarly eating too much red mean or protein builds up sulphuric acid in the blood as amino acids are broken down.

So what does one do?

Alkaline water is the need of the hour for anyone who is looking to lead an active life. Due to its high pH contents, fighting acidity in our body becomes much swifter and a eventually becomes natural process. Ofcourse this goes without saying that you have to supplement your water along with healthier food options.

Your food is acidic

Gone are the days where tiffin boxes were the norm and home-made nutritious food made way to our offices and college. In this new age life, where everything is moving at a fast pace, health has simply taken a back seat.

Ordering pizza has become the norm for house and office parties, home food is replaced with fast moving deliveries from the local apps and it’s just doesn’t seem to get any better.

Now we aren’t saying it’s not good to have fun whilst ordering that cheese crust, however it’s the amount of ‘fun’ that’s turning our health choices into a disastrous one.

The acid-alkaline balance in our body is fast depleting with the lifestyle choices we are making takes a toll on the skin, lungs, liver, kidney, digestive system causing an array of diseases and it’s becoming increasingly important to get a hold of our food intake before the inevitable happens!

Good food however, is the key to maintaining an alkaline body and maintaining the pH levels that leads to better health and a stronger immune system. In order to stay healthy, our body maintains a pH balance based on the food intake we have, which is either alkaline or acidic in nature. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Seven being neutral. Below seven becomes increasingly acidic, above seven it is increasingly alkaline.







We at Alkalen our quite aware of the food intake levels and what better way to showcase where your favourite food might stand on the pH scale.

  1. Cheese – 3.0 (Imagine what a double cheese burst could do)
  2. Aerated Drinks – Below 3.0 (Those soda bubbles should just be used in scientific experiments)
  3. Lamb – Between 3.0 – 3.5 (Chops anyone?)
  4. Coffee – 4.0 (So who’s a “coffee person?”)
  5. Popcorn – 4.0 (Probably the best worst food item)
  6. Beer – 5.0 (Still acidic, and ofcourse toxic)
  7. Rice – 5.0 (Maybe a reduced intake of rice could help)
  8. Sugar – Between 5.0 – 5.5 (Not so sweet after all)
  9. Milk/Yogurt – 6.0 (Didn’t expect that, did you?)
  10. Eggs – 6.0 (Eggactly!)

Now like we mentioned earlier, we are not advocating you to stop eating these, but rather maintain a neutral body balance by making sure you have more of alkaline intake in your body than acidic.

That’s where Alkalen Water will ensure that your body maintains a healthy pH level and help you Stay Active!



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